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Automatically forward text messages to another phone

Forward call logs to your emails or phone numbers

Forward notifications from Instant Messengers

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Forward messages to your custom API endpoint

Set up filters and rules for granular control

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Enjoy the freedom to choose how you manage your digital communication, whether for business or personal use. AutoForward Text simplifies your digital life, making it a must-have tool for professionals, parents, travelers, and anyone seeking efficient, secure, and cost-effective messaging.

Effortless Forwarding

Simplify your life with AutoForward Text. Seamlessly forward essential messages and call logs to your email or other numbers, ensuring you never miss a beat. Ideal for busy professionals, parents, and anyone on the move.

Enhanced Productivity

Boost productivity with AutoForward Text's keyword filtering and daily reports. Quickly access critical messages and monitor your phone activity. Ideal for professionals managing multiple devices and parents safeguarding their loved ones.

Cost-Effective Communication

Enjoy cost-effective messaging with AutoForward Text. Keep tabs on your texts and call records without worrying about hidden charges. Perfect for budget-conscious individuals and businesses staying connected across devices.


Unlock the power of AutoForward Text and experience streamlined communication like never before. With effortless message forwarding to email, custom API endpoints, and auto-responders, stay connected and organized across multiple devices. Whether you're managing multiple devices, safeguarding your child's online interactions, or streamlining business communications, AutoForward Text simplifies your digital life.

Auto Message Forwarding

Effortlessly forward texts and call logs to your chosen destinations, ensuring you stay in the loop, no matter where you are.

Multi-Platform Accessibility

Access your messages and call records across multiple devices, providing unmatched flexibility and convenience.

Auto Responders

Set custom templates for automatic replies to calls and texts, enhancing your responsiveness and communication efficiency.

Forward Instant Messages

Instantly forward instant messages from WhatsApp, KiK to your preferred destinations, keeping you updated in real-time.

How It Works

Start with a Free Trial

Begin your journey by signing up for our Free Trial. Experience the power of AutoForward Text with no commitment. Explore our features and discover how it can simplify your life.

Get the App on Your Phone

Once you've signed up, download the AutoForward Text app on your phone. It's quick and hassle-free. We support Android devices, ensuring compatibility for most users.

Effortlessly Stay Connected

With the app installed, you're all set to start forwarding messages and call logs effortlessly. AutoForward Text streamlines your communication for a more organized and efficient digital life.


AutoForward Text provides two packages: Basic and Premium, catering to your needs. The Basic plan forwards to email, while Premium adds phone number forwarding. Enjoy 10,000 monthly forwards to emails and phone numbers, from unlimited devices.


$4.95 / month

  • Forward Texts to Email
  • Forward Call Records to Email
  • Utilize Keyword Filtering
  • Receive Daily Summary Reports
  • POST SMS to URL Endpoint
  • Forward to Another Phone
  • Forward Instant Messages

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions and provided detailed answers to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the app's features and functionality.

  • What is the installation process for AutoForward Text App?

    To install the app, create a free account and download the APK using your Android phone's web browser. After installation, login with your account details and configure the app for forwarding messages.

  • Access your text messages instantly or receive daily reports in your email account. Set multiple email addresses to receive copies.

  • No, you don't need to worry about the cost of forwarding messages as the app does not use your phone service provider for forwarding messages. The messages are forwarded through the internet connection, so you can forward messages without any additional cost.

  • The app requires an active internet connection on your phone to forward messages.

  • You can reach out to our support team by sending an email to Our team will respond to your query within 24 hours.

  • To add AutoForward Text App to the exception list of your Android phone's battery optimizer:

    - Go to "Settings" on your phone.

    - Scroll down and tap on "Battery."

    - Tap the three dots in the top-right corner and select "Battery optimization."

    - Tap "Not optimized" and select "All apps."

    - Find "AutoForward Text App" and tap on it.

    - Select "Don't optimize" and tap "Done."

    That's it! The app should now be exempt from battery optimization.

    This will prevent the battery optimization feature from interfering with the app's ability to forward text messages and call logs. Please note that the exact steps may vary depending on your phone's make and model.

  • Users can unsubscribe by either clicking the unsubscribe link in the receipt emails received upon purchase or by contacting our support team at Our support team will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the app or the unsubscribing process.


Sarah Reynolds


AutoForward Text has been a game-changer for my business. It ensures I never miss a client's call or message, even when I'm on the move. The keyword filtering and instant forwarding keep me in control of my communication.

Sam Mok

Business Owner

I often need to travel overseas for business, where my phone doesn’t receive SMS. AutoForward Text is very helpful, as it forwards text to any of my emails within seconds. Their customer support is also very responsive. My technical issue was resolved within a day. I won’t hesitate to recommend this app. It is also safe to use.

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